Monday, November 23, 2009

Best Blog Award! - November 23, 2009

2009-11-19 Blog AwardThank you Annie of Annie's Kitchen Garden for passing on the Best Blog Award. This particular award requires me to pick 15 blogs I have recently discovered.  Since I just started blogging on September 3, just a little over 2 months ago, most blogs are recent discoveries.  There are so many blogs to discover.  This is my list in no particular order:

 Kate from  High Altitude Gardening   Kate gardens in the beautiful mountains of Utah.

Vicci from The Days Are Just Packed!  A wonderful cooking blog. She has a copy of Jane Brody's Good Food Book held together by a rubber band.  My copy  of Jane Brody's book is also held together by a rubber band.

Laura from The Spiced Life  has a beautiful blog on cooking.  Spices!  Beautiful recipes cooked with the art of spices. 

Val Littlewood from Pencil and Leaf    has lovely detailed  drawings and education on plants and insects

Plant Tips and Guidelines for the Desert Garden   This blog best showcases the lovely blooms of the desert

Raji has beautiful photographs and inspiring words at Green Home and a Green Garden

Janie  from An Obsessive /Compulsive Plant Collector  has sense of humor that comes through in her stories

Catherine from A Gardener in Progress has a beautiful garden

Deborah from Green Theatre has the friendliness of a good neighbor

Randy & Meg's Garden Paradise  amazing  photos of insects and plants

Drew from Baneberry Garden Blog is a garden designer and educator who gardens with consideration to  the environment

Sarah from Madblooms  for energy and brightness

Sue from a Corner Garden  brings warmth from Nebraska

Abbie from K-Town Homestead  is a pioneer living in Chicago. Doing things like making her own cheese

Vachtra from Gardener's Watch  is generous with encouragement and gardening knowledge.

Post the award on your blog (including the above picture) along with the name of the person who passed it on to you and link to their blog. Choose 15 blogs which you have recently discovered and you think are great and pass it on to them. Don't forget to leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have been chosen for this award



  1. I have picked up my award, and I am thinking. Heheehe. I am thinking about which blogs I wish to honor.....

  2. Wow! That is so very sweet of you. I'm excited to go through your list, up above, because you've discovered some I've not visited, as yet. Thanks, G! This will be fun. :)

  3. Hello Gloria,

    Thank you very much for the award. You are very kind and I am flattered.

  4. Thanks so much G. I am delighted! I am always surprised when I get any comments as I tend to live in my own little world of paints and brushes. I am equally delighted to find your blog and the others you have chosen. I am fascinated to read about other parts of this big beautiful country I find myself in...its a lovely break from the drawing board..but now I am back to the bees..

  5. Congratulations on you award, I really enjoy reading your blog! Thank you so much for passing it on to me :) I don't know some of the other blogs you've listed so it'll be fun to find some more great ones to read.