Thursday, November 5, 2009

By the Ocean, Succulents in Containers

029030 Last week Ted and I went to Southern California to visit my two brothers and their families.  They both have the “gardening gene”.  Both their homes have not yards but gardens unique to their families.  We came back home with one of their plumerias that I will grow in my upstairs window.   Our upstairs bedroom window in the winter grows a dwarf lemon, a dwarf kumquat and now our new plumeria.  As soon as spring comes, I will lovingly put them outside.  

 While it was snowing here in South Dakota , Ted and I took a sunny walk with Susan  along a pathway by the ocean by homes with flowers lining their walkways.  I was fascinated with the arrangements of succulents.  I will always look at these pictures and feel warm. 

 While we were in sunny California, some 30 bags of leaves fell in my garden. New rule to my self: Do not go on vacation in the fall until the leaves have fallen and been raked!


031Potted Tree Groundcoversedum for blog


  1. Hello Gloria,

    I am glad that you had a great time visiting Southern California. I am from there and lived there for 20 years before moving to AZ.

    I do love the succulents mixed in with the flowering perennials that dot the landscape there. I hope your Plumeria thrives in your chosen spot.

  2. I love in So California and have to admit that I love the succulents too. This fall I've been redoing some beds and adding more succulents. They are so varied, making them such fun to use.