Monday, May 24, 2010

Zone 4 End of May Flowers, Lettuce in The Paths and a Storm

We have had a very late spring.  May 15th is our last official frost date. We have had so much more rain than normal. Just as well that I usually wait until June 1st to plant the garden. This weekend I took my new camera out of the box and I am having so much fun! IMG_0027
Woolly Speedwell Veronica Pectinata is a living mulch in much of my garden. Below is a close up of this wonderful xeric groundcover.

See the little bee. I am so enjoying my new camera.

Lettuce in the paths
Self-sown lettuce grows all over the garden.
lettuce next to wall
The warmth of the wall protects these little surprises
Low growing Clematis  (Columbiana I think) blooms in a pale shade of blue
IMG_0017 Tulips and more Veronica  IMG_0010
What a pretty yellow and red tulip this is. See the tear drop of rain

Pink and green a perfect combination.  This afternoon we had hailstorms, wind, tornado warnings and tornado watches.

Alley turned into riverFor a few moments the alley next to our house was a flowing river. Notice the white hail. IMG_0080
More hail and our walkway turned into a flowing stream. But notice the yellow tulips. When the skies turned dark the tulips close their petals and stood up to the storm.


  1. I love the Veronica, what a great groundcover! I really love your paths too. I can't even get the lettuce seeds I've sown past the birds and the slugs, I can't imagine all those volunteers. Hope the weather improves.

  2. The veronica does look lovely. I might have to try some of that in my garden.

  3. Congratulations on the new camera, your photos look great! I love that you have lettuces just popping up all over the garden. The veronica under the tulips is lovely, such a pretty blue. What is with the crazy weather this spring?! Hope you dry out soon!

  4. Catherine -years ago I started the lettuce by seed. I let some go to seed and the tough ones come back wherever they want to grow. Some years I have huge amounts and end up giving alot away and composting the rest. But, I always mark at least one of each variety and let it go to see.

  5. Karen and Jeff - I think the veronica would do well in your Montana garden. I started with one or two little containers.

  6. Clare, yes this weather is crazy! I want to get my garden in. Thanks about the photos. I love my new camera. I was going to ask, how many photos is considered ok for a blog posts? :) Anyone out there, please let me know.

  7. Gloria~~ I think the weather we had recently has blown east right above your head. Let's just hope it keeps on moving. We've had more rain than normal for the month of May which I don't really mind as long as things dry up by summer proper.

    Your camera seems to be working very well. I love your photos and the pink and green combo are outstanding. I went digging around on my computer's setting last night and replaced all my Microsoft blues with greens and pinks. Much easier on the ole eyes! I should have done it a long time ago.

    I don't like to post too many photos maybe seven or eight tops. I don't think, however the
    number of photos is as important as keeping the prose fairly brief. A long diatribe can be difficult for me to absorb. This is why I don't really partake in the "how to" blogs. Unless, of course, I really need the information.

    Your blog is always just right.

  8. Gloria,
    Beautiful spring blooms. We have had our share of weather oddities here, as well. We had a late snow on Mother's Day which zapped some of my spring bulbs, and now we have had a string of 90 degree days. Needless to say, the weather has not been cooperative for much spring planting. I hope you are enjoying some milder weather. Your tulips are just lovely.

  9. We too are having crazy weather today - loads of hail. Great photos Gloria - capturing the wildlife is great fun too. Photos help to break up a large piece of writing and I think make a blog article easier to read. It also depends on how big you make the photos - you don't want people have to use the scroll on the mouse too much. I could have about 7 or 8 photos on my blogs. If there are more to share I normally make them into a collage rather than post individually.

  10. Grace, Thanks for the blogging tips. I agree, I like pictures with a few words.