Sunday, June 20, 2010

3 Citrus on a Porch—View From Up High

This week has been busy and exciting. Tom stopped to visit and brought me plants! A trunk load. I think I counted over 30, some little starts and some good size plants. All plants that they grow at their Black Hills Garden (last week I did a post about their amazing garden) All the plants are new to my garden except for a start of the Silky Rock Jasmine, adrosace prim. chubyi that at one time I had given him, then later, I choked it out among more aggressive plants. I created for it a bit of an alpine patch of ground.  The Garden Tour is in 6 days so last week I was busy painting and doing those odd jobs that you decide you should do just because “company is coming”.  First, I had to clean up the garden because of the big hail storm.  Then last night we had another wild night of hail and thunderstorms. Thanks to Jeff, our friend who lives in the country and has become my private weather forecaster we have been able to save the tomatoes and most of the peppers by covering them with buckets and pots of all sizes.  It’s amazing how some plants can withstand the hail. The big leaf plants suffer the most. In expectation of hail tonight, my veggies are covered at this moment.
porch and large flagstone
So yesterday I was on a ladder painting away and caught this picture of our newly painted porch.  Notice the large pink paver.  It took 6 guys to unload this “paver”.  I have a lemon, kumquat and a lime on the porch. During the winter, they live upstairs in a south side window. Check out those lemons.
front door with lemon tree
Please come on in! The little sign on the left was painted by a friend. I used to put a little sticky note on the door that would say “If no answer come to the garden”. One day my friend Dell, made me this wonderful little hand painted sign with the words “If no answer come to the garden”. The little door knocker is a rooster.
view from ladder
Today on the ladder, I got a great view of the garden. Remember last night we had a hail storm. The green “wall o’ waters” are protecting a couple of tomatoes that I grow in large pots.  At the very back is a raised garden where I grow vegetables.
ladder view of garage side of back
This is the north wall of our garden. At the end is the little pink and yellow little garden house. If you turn the corner to the right you would find the corner arbor and  a bit of a rose garden.
Outside our kitchen window is a very large elm tree. This is the view right outside our back door. To keep deer out, Ted made a fence out of a cattle panel. I grow vines on it and flowers on the carport side.
Chrysanthemum coccineum , Painted Daisy, Pyrethum and the only kind of chicken that I can have in my garden. I like chickens


  1. Dear Gloria, The garden, as always, is looking charming with so much to see and so many very interesting and unusual touches. I am so sorry to hear about the rain storms which can cause such damage and trust that you were not too badly affected - certainly no visible problems.

    And how exciting to have someone arriving at the house bearing gifts of plants, not least a car boot full. Such fun deciding where they are to go.

    I am signing myself up as a 'Follower' again as I imagine that this is now for the new site, Dakota Garden.

  2. A lovely tour Gloria! I really like your sign by the front door...that's something we should have here, although ours will have to read 'if no answer, we're in the garden, yell out loud and we'll come find you' :P I like your rooster in your last photo too. I hope all this hail lets up so your poor tomatoes and peppers can just grow without the ongoing risk of being squashed!

  3. How fortunate for you to have a trunk load of plants delivered to your door! And your porch looks fresh and inviting. Regarding your gardens, I have a difficult time expressing properly my appreciation for them. Your gardening style is lovely, providing a welcoming and friendly cottage atmosphere where one longs to linger with a glass of cold lemonade. Really nice, Gloria!

  4. Despite the hail your garden is looking wonderful Gloria. You have created an Intriguing space with all the pathways, the pond, different gardens and inviting areas to sit and enjoy it all. I only wish I could visit in person.

  5. I really enjoyed this overview of your garden. There is so much to see! You have a lot of work to do, with all those new plants. What a great friend to give you so many great plants! Your garden has such a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, no doubt a reflection of its gardener!

  6. Is the lemon tree a meyer lemon? We have a meyer that hasn't grown fruit yet, and we've had it for 3 years. I think it might not be getting enough sun.

  7. Gloria - I love the photos you took from your 'arial' perch on the ladder! What a great perspective of your gardens and front porch! Everything looks so charming. :D -Shyrlene