Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guest Garden: Black Hills Garden, a Garden of Rare Collections

In the higher Black Hills of South Dakota at an altitude of 5,000 feet sits Black Hills Garden, the garden of Tom and Rob, fellow Master Gardeners.  This garden is a garden of rarities, alpine collections and shady jewels. The following pictures are blooms from early this month.
T & R 1
Petasites japonica
T & R 2
Clematis scottii in front of Ligularia prewlzwalskii

T & R 3
Aquilegia flavescensin front of Thalictrum omiense "Amy Jan"

T & R 4
Asarum canadense, (wild ginger), Adiatum pedatum, (Northern maidenhair Fern), and  Cypripedium parvilflorum, (Yellow Lady Slipper)

T & R 5
Primula veris "Sunset Shades" and Epimidium

T & R 6
Rheum palmatum atropurpureum

T & R 7
Ajuga genevensis, Berberis Emerald Carrousel, and Calamagrostis "Eldorado"

T & R 8

Thalictrum "Black Stocking"

I am totally impressed! Tom has emailed me that they have “a bunch of plants for me”….I can hardly wait!  A few years ago, I gave them a start of Silky Rock Jasmine, androsace prim.”chubyi” A beautiful low growing purple flower. In my garden it became crowded out and died. Their start has flourished and I am so happy to be getting a start in return.  What is the saying, something like: He who gives a flower keeps some of the fragrance….if you know the saying please let me know how it goes.  Here, I found a picture of the Silky Rock Jasmine:
purple grown cover
The Rock Jasmine is the chubbier purple plant.


  1. All great plants, I have some growing in my garden and love them. Your friend has a wonderful garden.

  2. Oh gosh, this post is full of ideas for the new part-shade, edge-of-the-woods garden that I'm starting on this summer. Thanks for all the inspiration. -Jean

  3. Dear Gloria, This is indeed a horticultural jewel box packed with the most desirable, and lovely, of plants. I do not think that there is a single thing here which I should not find a space for. Absolutely wonderful. And as for that tiny Clematis - exquisite. Perhaps of all the Clematis, I return over and over again to the species.

  4. I especially like that rock jasmine. All of the plants look wonderful and unusual.


  5. Hi Gloria, I love how you have taken us under the leaves. I especially enjoy the Ligularia prewlzwalskii. Lots of great foliage. ;>)

  6. Garden of Threads- Yes they have an amazing garden!

  7. Hi Jean - Thanks, it is great to get inspiring ideas. I love their combinations

  8. Dear Edith, thank you so much for the praise. Tom and Rob will be so pleased.

  9. Gatsby Garden, Yes, so unusual! and so healthy looking

  10. Hi Carol - I think it was Tom who took the pictures. They do put them plants together in a most beautiful way

  11. What a fabulous collection of plants, and how wonderful that you'll be able to get some of the Silky Rock Jasmine back from the plants you passed along!

  12. Oh, I love the Silky Rock Jasmine! I do love visits to different gardens and it is nice to see what grows at higher altitudes.

    PS. Thank you so much for your comments and the picks :-)