Monday, July 12, 2010

Walking Through The Garden With My Head Down

My front garden consist of large flower borders. But, the back garden is cooler and fresher with paths that cross and circle flowers, herbs and vegetables. The other day I took my camera and caught pictures of what I see with my head straight down and at the end what I see when I look up.
A bit of left over cement some sea shells and a pie plate made my little sign which sits surrounded by lavender thyme
What is that green “rock” up front near the Bridal Showers Rose. I just noticed the volunteer lettuce.
There it is again, a fuzzy view at the “foot” of the Double Delight Rose. Double delight is both beautiful, fragrant and multi-colored.
Yes, my foot in my green garden shoes next to a variegated iris
A volunteer red poppy
Thyme, gravel a volunteer pink mallow
Dream Weaver is the rose that is prominent in this picture.
I remember reading that Golden Marguerite Daisy, anthemis was one of the best plants to draw pollinators and good bugs. So, I sought out the seed and started these cheerful flowers. When I cut them down after their first flush of long lasting flowers, they will again flower on shorter stocks.
I have a couple of pots of tiny Red Robin Tomato Plants. They are only about 12” tall but are loaded with tomatoes. I did discover the cutworms that were eating on this basil. I promptly squished them.
Speaking of squishing.  A week or two after I painted our front porch an ill mannered wasp started to build a paper nest right under our porch railing.   Dismayed at having a wasp nest so near where I sit and enjoy my breakfast I called out to Ted to see how we should remove it.  Before we could, speak in one swift move he picked it off, threw it to the ground and squished it! There!  Ted Bonde, 007, man of action!  I didn’t even get a picture.


  1. Way to go, Ted! Fearless wasp squisher! Love those green shoes. :))

  2. I love your garden! Your stone paths are an inspiration to me. I have planted thyme and other steppables amongst the stones of my path in the lady garden. i can only dream that it may one day be as gorgeous as yours!

    I also like your green shoes!

  3. Gloria, that shot with Dream Weaver in the foreground is stunning; it really makes me want to be there in your garden! -Jean

  4. Gloria, you know I like pathways. Yours are so creative and lovely - like that handmade stone.


  5. A neat way to show the garden, love the shell stepping stone. Your garden looks just wonderful.

  6. Ted is my hero. Wasps' nests give me the creeps -- and you know I love all things natural usually. (A bad experience will mark you.)

    What a creative post, Gloria! The detail of the shoe going from shot to shot down the paths is perfect. We knew we were walking with you then, down the sweetly creative path... all the way to WOW. Your garden is just lovely. :)

  7. Gloria your Garden is lovely. I love that you are squishing bugs.

  8. I love this approach of walking the paths with your head down and seeing what you see. Then the look up in middle photo to see your Dream Weaver along the stone walk --- absolutely lovely garden composition! Sure wish I was married to a he-man like your fearsome 007.

  9. Hi Kate! Thanks, my shoes are Sloggers, they are so comfortable.

  10. Hi Deb, Thank you, but you have a most beautiful garden!

  11. Jean, Thank you - please if you ever visit the Black Hills you must come and visit!

  12. Eileen, thank you! I also love your garden and its composition and beauty

  13. A Garden of Threads - Thank you! The cement stepping stone was really easy to make

  14. Hi Meredith - I'm with you. I try to go all natural but those wasp are so unpredictable. I too have been stung more than once!

  15. Hi Melanie - Yes, I am a bug squisher. No pesticides for our garden. I have so many beneficial insects that I don't have to much squishing. You must also be a fellow squisher!

  16. Laurrie, Thank you! Ted was so embarrassed when I read him the post!

  17. Your garden looked weed free, Gloria. I guess that means you can come help me weed my jungle-like mess;)

    Christine in Alaska

  18. And they say chivalry is dead. Methinks not! Kudos to Ted and a caveat: Don't try this at home. LOL We've got a bunch of little paper nests. Since wasps are "good guys" and I'm kind of a wimp and don't like to use bug spray and the nests never get very big, I'm avoiding the eradication process. But if they were close to where I'm sitting, that would be a different deal so I can understand your desire to be sting-free.

    Gorgeous garden photos, Gloria. I too have forged little embellishments with left over cement. Yours is very cute. One of those extra touches that make garden strolling such a pleasure. Love the DD rose blossom. I've got a bunch on my nightstand right now. They have the most delicious scent. The bush is a little heavy on the blackspot in my climate so I purposely placed it in an obscure locale so I could still have those blossoms.

    Good luck with them 'maters.

  19. Christine - the weed free secret is treating the garden like company is coming. You dust the obvious taking into consideration how tall the tallest guest is. Hence I weed the path :)

  20. Hi Grace, I totally agree with you. I don't use sprays and I let the wasp live elsewhere, but they scare me on my porch. Roses are amazing. My next posts I think are going to be on the roses. I've been taking their pictures.

  21. Your garden and home are just beautiful. It looks like you have put a lot of love into both. It is nice to have a handy husband. My husband needs encouraging but once he gets started with a project he really goes all out.

    I found you on Patchwork's blog.

  22. Hi Rosey, It is good to meet you! Yes it is good to have a handy husband! Ted is not at all into "gardening" but he love the garden and the vegetable produce and that it makes me happy. That is a blessing