Thursday, September 9, 2010

Early September Flowers, Garden Zone 4

With a bit of cooler weather the flowers and the gardener are reviving. We still are getting temperatures close to 90 degrees but the sun feels softer and the nights are much cooler.  I am thinking about the changes I want to make.

While spring flowers are bright and vibrant. The summer colors are soft.

You’re looking at the northeast corner arbor. To the left is one of my raised vegetable beds. The bed holds roses on one side and vegetables on the other.  Narrow, small evergreens serve as constant focal points. I really appreciate the evergreens in the winter.
Bluish leaves grace the Clematis glauca. IMG_1196
This metal arched arbor is to the right of the pond.

Some of the roses are reblooming. To the left is double delight to the right is Bridal Showers

My pond and paths are lined with our local pink limestone. This little guy has been staying close to the pond.
Maybe he thinks he is blending in. Notice the edge of the pond.
Here’s is his very cute walk-away.


  1. Gloria, your garden still looks great and that toad, wow! Our weather has cooled off so I have been working on cleaning and cutting in the garden. It is amazing how cold it can get so fast, some years I get caught with not getting all of it done.


  2. I do love toads in the garden. I am also appreciating late summer in the garden with slightly cooler temperatures. I look forward to seeing your fall garden :-)

  3. Hi Gloria, the garden looks good, but what a wonderful frog / toad that is. cheers, catmint

  4. Hi, Gloria;
    Love that plump little froggie - or toad - I really don't know the diff. Good to see all the color in your autumn garden! :)

  5. You have a beautiful garden. The title of your blog caught my eye, because I am a N. Dakota native, but now I love living in Idaho. Which Dakota are you from?

  6. Your late summer garden looks lovely Gloria, and Mr. Toad is most handsome there at the edge of your pond.

  7. Hi Gloria, I love your evergreens. The glaucus foliage on the tree juxtaposed with the Echinacea--very nice. I've got a single blossom of Double Delight rose blooming too. Love The pink Bridal Showers. Very nice!

  8. What a stunning place. I am attempting to lure local frogs to my new place. So far no luck.

  9. Hi Eileen - Thank you - Today Ted and I went out and started cleaning up the behind the garden and we cleaned out the compost. Heavy duty digging for me! Ted mowed it down and just took a big load to the landfill to be composted there.

  10. Hi Noelle, thank you - I hope the toad stays and starts a family!

  11. Hi Catmint! Our fall is starting - your spring is starting! I will have to keep up with your blog through winter to feel warm!

  12. Hi Connie - South Dakota - in the Black Hills.

  13. Hi Clare - He is beautiful! A camera is an amazing tool to admire nature.

  14. Grace, I love blue-green colors. They go so well with pink and you are an expert at combining these beautiful colors.

  15. Hi Paul, thank you! and congratulations on your new blog and garden plans. I know you will get lots of visitors!