Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gluten Free Chile Rellenos Recipe

Around the country Poblano and Anaheim Chiles are being harvested. In some markets you can bring them home already roasted and peeled. This weekend we went to a “Bring a Dish” picnic.  I brought my Gluten Free Chile Rellenos.  I made them like I make my regular Chile Rellenos but with Brown Rice Flour instead of wheat flour.  A few years ago I was watching a television cooking show and the host was making the Chile Rellenos just like my mother used to make them. But instead of deep fat frying them he used a non-stick pan. Brilliant! At the picnic I overheard a friend say that the only thing she was really interested in eating were the Chile Rellenos. A teenage boy approached the serving table and ask the man who was taking seconds of the chiles what they were. He explained, but then said “You don’t have to try them, I’ll eat any that are leftover”…..I took the dish home empty!  The picture below shows the layers separated by foil.
Chile Rellenos
You can use mild chileAnaheim peppers or Poblanos that you roast and peel or use can use canned green chiles. I made 30 Chile Rellenos. Before you get started get your ingredients and utensils out and ready.

30 roasted peeled chiles.  If they were plump, I sliced them lengthwise and made 2 servings
8 wonderful, vegetarian fed, non-caged chicken eggs 
Pepper Jack Cheese
Brown Rice Flour and a bit of butter/oil for the pan.
1.  Separate your egg whites and yolks into separate bowls.  Using an electric mixer beat egg whites until very stiff.
2. Using a different whisk and bowl beat yolks.
3. Fill each chile with a strip of cheese
4. Roll each filled chile in a plate of Rice Flour
5. Carefully fold egg whites into yolks. Careful to keep a fluffy as possible.
6. Add about a teaspoon of butter/oil to non-stick skillet. Heat
7.  With your hands, carefully hold a filled chile and dip into the egg mixture. Lay onto skillet. Repeat making sure you leave a bit of space in between the chiles in the skillet.  Brown on one side and gently flip over. Brown the second side.The chile rellenos look like little golden rolls. Stack single level. Since I was taking these to a dinner, I layered them in between foil.  Yum


  1. Gloria, this sounds yummy! I grow peppers each year, this year Mariachi, pretty hot!


  2. I think this sounds wonderful. will try it on my family

  3. Hi Eileen - You must make an amazing Salsa!

  4. Hi Jody - Let me know how they turn out!

  5. Hi I love yummy vegetarian recipes. I just did a post on Eggplant Parmesan, another vegetarian classic

  6. Hi Gloria - these look delicious , Ive never heard of this dish but im definitely going to give a go, thankyou x