Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Night - Blue Jays- Key Lime Cilantro Carrot Recipe

We have beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I took this picture a couple of nights ago. The leaves have all fallen and this morning there was ice on the pond. The garden is resting.
You can see traces of left-over snow. I still have the pond pump going. Soon I should take it out and put in an aerator. I use an aquarium pump connected to rubber tubing. The tubing sits in the water and pumps air into the pond. The pond will freeze solid on the top 9 inches of the 36 inches deep pond. Fish stop eating when the water temperature goes down to 45 degrees. The fish will spend winter at the lower levels of the pond. When spring comes they are again active and hungry.
Cold temperatures do not keep the blue jays out of the pond. I took these pictures 4 days ago through my kitchen window. Am I glad I had recently washed my windows.

Key Lime Cilantro Carrots
I tried this recipe from this week's newspaper – Love it! We all loved it. You mix up some butter, honey, key lime juice and cook the carrots in it. Than add some cilantro. I didn’t have fresh cilantro, but used some organic cilantro paste. This is a keeper!


  1. I love the photos of the blue jays! Yes, the sky has been beautiful lately.

  2. Great photos of the Blue Jay and the carrots sound delicious.


  3. Beautiful photos! and good recipe, I will see if I can try it when my cilantro grows a bit more

  4. Found your garden blog, I love gardens. Looks like Dakota is getting cold!! Glad to meet a fellow gardener. Please visit my garden photos if you'd like to see what is growing in the California desert.

  5. Great pictures! Jays often visit our feeders but I have never seen them taking a bath.