Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Victorian Greenhouse

Hot Spring’s has a beautiful VA facility from the early 1900’s. The VA is the largest employer in our town of about 5000.  On the property is a beautiful large, Victorian style greenhouse.
It is large and beautiful! Right now it is not in use.
It sits away from the main facility.
The VA Hospital is a beautiful building.

VA Green house Winter 2010
This view looks like something out of Sherlock Holmes.
Many of the downtown building are made of sandstone. On the same hill, next to the VA Hospital is a building that used to be the elementary school. My Ted went to this school. It is now a museum. A few mornings ago, I called to Ted to get up, that the cable man was coming over first thing. Later that afternoon Ted wrote me this limerick: (I had been reading a book where the main character wrote limericks)
                    Poor Ted
There once was a man named Ted
Who liked to stay in his bed
and that would be ok
If Gloria just wouldn’t say
It’s time for you to get up instead


  1. How lovely to see these beautiful old buildings Gloria. There was a time. The conservatory is so charming sitting off on its own, as it should. I imagine it would have been (is) a very healing environment for the patients. Just to view it is transporting.

  2. Oh my, I'm drooling on my keyboard...that is a stunning greenhouse! You just don't see many like that any more. I wonder if they actually use it, or if it's just an architectural feature now?

  3. Stunning, I would love to have one of those :-)

  4. I WANT it. :)) Oh, wouldn't that be so wonderful... I agree, it does look kind of Sherlock Holmes-y but since I'm a Sherlock fan (did you see the new PBS remake?) I'd still be all over it. Stopped by to wish you a Happy New Year and to see if you're on FB, and if you saw the scoop on the Seattle Blogger Fling? I hope you're planning to attend. :)

  5. Beautiful, Gloria. I love old buildings. The conservatory looks similar to a fanciful birdhouse I saw the other day. Very cool.

  6. Maybe I'll win mega millions tonight and buy a conseratory for myself. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Not only the buildings are lovely, the views and the photos too. But the loveliest is the last part about Ted, that was so sweet!

  8. BEAUTIFUL green house. I would die to have one like that. So gorgeous. I started fantasizing about how it would look inside


  9. That has to be one of the prettiest greenhouses I think I have seen in quite some time. Garden Design this month hss a story about the new Victorian age. The top image makes me reflect on a what a beautiful time. Thank you.

  10. Gloria,

    One does not run into these type of places too often. Love the old greenhouse, bet it is a lot of maintenance.

  11. I think youve found the greenhouse of my dreams! Love the photos

  12. Wow! What a beautiful Victorian greenhouse. I am thinking about buying a hobby greenhouse to put up in my backyard that is of a similar style. I like the classic Victorian style and can't wait to bring that to my backyard.

  13. Nice Victorian greenhouse. I also setup a greenhouse of my home backyard with help of conservatory design.

  14. Hi Conservatory - I checked out your website. Beautiful conservatories! What a nice way to get some winter sunshine