Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Orchids Vallarta Botanical Gardens

There was so much to see at the Botanical Gardens at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I am going to submit this post to Wordless Wednesday. Not because I lack words, but because I don’t know most of the names of these wonderful flowers. You can click on a picture to make it bigger.
Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 240Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 247Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 291Ok – this one I know Gloriosa rothschildiana or Gloriosa Lily. I actually tried to grow this.
Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 248Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 249Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 283Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 284Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 289Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 290
Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 279
What a Bougainvillea – two-tone!  Is it possible to grow a Bougainvillea, keep it small and bring it in for the winter?
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  1. Beautiful, some appear to be orchids or day lilies. I never had much luck with growing bougainvillea too windy here... But my friends have one which nearly covers the front of their house. A rental I used to live in had a bright magenta one which put out 20 foot (well maybe 10 foot) thorny canes every year. If you want a small one inside, just get a little one from a nursery. If and when it and when it grows too large for your house plant it outside but don't disturb the roots, you'll have to cut the sides of the pot and lift it out carefully.

  2. Gloria, even though it's wordless Wednesday, you're speaking my language! I am constantly amazed at the beauty and variety of orchids. How fortunate for you to take a trip to the tropics in the middle of winter...and to enjoy the lovely blooms of the rich environment!

  3. Gloria, these are beutiful! I wish we could grow these but somehow I don't have much success with bringing plants indoors.

    I have a few succulents I brought inside this year so we'll soon know if they snap back outside.


  4. Such gorgeous flowers! I also enjoyed your previous post with the curtain of flowers. I've never seen such a thing. It looks like you had a wonderful trip!