Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Puerto Vallarta Cowboys and Flowers

We went to a Fiesta Mexicana and saw some rodeo moves. I can’t believe I capture this action!
Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 111
Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 154
Keeping to the theme: We saw this bit of tile on a house wall…..
Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 195
A picture is worth a thousand word?
Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 083
Carlos told me that this little banana sprouted in November. Three months later here it is!
Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 092
I saw this tree was growing here and there in the downtown area.
Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 093
I asked what they called this tree:  Cresta de Gallo (crest of the rooster)
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  1. Those flowering trees are africal tulips or Spathodea campanulata. They are profusely flowering there, so beautiful. We have lots of those here too. BTW, your first photo is full of orbs! Did you use a point and shoot here?

  2. Hi Andrea - thank you so much for the flower identification! I used a small point and shoot. A Canon A3100IS with 12.1 mp. This picture was taken at night. The orbs are little outdoor lights. I am amazed I got such action! What a fun little camera!

  3. Hi Gloria,

    Great photos, especially the cowboy and the beautiful flowers.