Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vallarta Botanical Gardens

A highlight of our trip to Mexico was a visit to the Vallarta Botanical Gardens.  It was easy to catch a bus for less than $2 and travel the the 14 miles from the sea to the Botanical Gardens located in a dry tropical forest 1300 feet above sea level. Our guide told us that one of the garden’s goals is to have this garden have the largest collection of Mexican orchids.  It was beautiful to see orchids growing in their habit on trees throughout the garden and in the Vanilla Orchid Conservatory.
Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 239
This a vanilla orchid. Notice the 2 golden vanilla beans.
Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 250
The vanilla orchid is quite a vine.  Of course, I brought some vanilla home
Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 242
Yes, this is blue! Philippine Jade Vine, Strongylodon macrobotrys. It didn’t look real but it is.
Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 252
A close up of Thunbergia mysorensis a relative of the Black Eyed Susan Vine.
Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 251
How cool is this! The vines hung along the edge of the patio like a curtain.
Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 260
I couldn’t resist  standing in the curtain of vines. Yup, me with socks in my sandals. Insect repellent is advised when visiting the tropics.  We didn’t get stung by anything.
Puerto Vallarta Jan 2011 263
We sat on the upstairs balcony of the wonderful restaurant in the gardens. Yum!
Later I’ll show pictures of some of the wonderful orchids.


  1. I would love to visit that beautiful garden. Great shot of the Thunbergia.

  2. Beautiful flowers, Gloria. I especially love the vines growing as a curtain. LOL; I wear socks with sandals all the time! It's the height of fashion, isn't it? -Jean

  3. Wow Gloria, looks like a wonderful holiday. The garden is so vast and beautiful. We also have vanilla here but to tell you frankly i haven't seen the petals yet, always see the pods, like in your photo. I am happy to see someone post some of our native plants, the Philippines green jade vine. It really is so amazing when those green flowers hang down from the roof trellises. The wide angle view of your garden shot looks like you are also in the Philippines.