Thursday, March 10, 2011

Award, Tortillas and Gardeners

Thank you to Deb from Deb’s Garden who has awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award.  When I first “met” Deb, I was so impressed by her very amazing blog. It thought she had been blogging for years.  She told me she thought the same about my blog, when in truth she and I have both been blogging about the same time, less than two years.  This award asks me to share seven random things about, myself, the blogger, and point to 15 other bloggers.  To my stylish bloggers: If you wish, please accept and share the award, either way you have amazing blogs. You have style!  Here are my seven random things:
StylishBloggerAward1       IMG_0579
1. I come from a family of gardeners.  Last week Ted and I were visiting my family in California.  Here I am with Ted and my brothers Art and Juan. We each bought heirloom tomatoes. I brought my tomatoes home even though I usually don’t plant them until June.  I just couldn’t resist a beautiful tomato plant.
2.  I speak Spanish
making tortillas
3.  I can’t bring myself to buy a flour tortilla. I make my own whole wheat tortillas.  It has to do with me speaking Spanish.
4. I always wear a hat and gloves when I garden.  I hate dirt under my fingernails. Dirt under the fingernails are not a good things when baking.
5. I am right handed. I wear out the right handed glove. Would a left handed gardener like to trade? I have some extra left gloves sitting around.
6. Ted and I love to dance.
7. I don’t have a great voice, but songs are often playing in my head.
Congratulations to the following blogs! Please keep blogging:
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  1. Thank you for thinking of me :-) It was nice learning more about you!

  2. Thank you so much GLoria for your recognition. I am among great company1


  3. Well deserved my dear! And, I'm way impressed you make your own tortillas.

    Are you going to the Seattle Spring Fling? Drop me a line if you are... Have a terrific weekend. I hope the sun is shining.

  4. Hola' Gloria, hope you are keeping well. Thanks for the stylish blogger award. Your garden is looking lovely as ever. Regards from Ireland, Sunny

  5. Hi, Gloria, I am glad to learn more about you! I also have a bunch of left handed gloves whose right handed mates are worn out. I think it is great that you speak Spanish and this somehow converts to tasty whole wheat tortillas!

    And thank you for the kind words about my blog. You know I admire yours!

  6. Gloria, Thank you so much for naming my blog. I'm fascinated to learn about your Spanish connections. Can I have some lessons on how to make those home-made whole wheat tortillas? :-) (I'm so dissatisfied with the ones available in the supermarkets.) -Jean

  7. Hi Annie - how many tomato plants are you puttin in this year? Lots, I imagine!

  8. Hi Eileen, your blog and garden is wonderful

  9. Hi Kate - I would love to go to Spring Fling. Ted and I are talking about it. I have a trip before to Colorado, then one after to Minneapolis. We'll see.....G

  10. Hi Deb, thank you for the award. It is always fun to learn a bit about the blogger.

  11. Hi Jean, my mom was born in Mexico, my dad was born in California from Mexican parents. I grew up in California. My parents always made sure to speak Spanish to us so that we would be bilingual. My mom always made tortillas. I should do a video and post the recipe! So much better than anything you can get at the store (even if I say so myself)

  12. I thought you were kidding when you wrote to tell me I had been awarded your stylish blog award. I didn't know there was an actual blog award. Thank you for thinking of me. From your 7 things it looks like you're a woman of many talents.

  13. Thanks for the award. It is always humbling and cool all at the same time when i find out that my blog is read. Thank you very much. jim

    Anyone who uses bison poop is very cool with me.

  14. Hi Grace, your blog is great! #5 about the gloves, I am hoping to trade for some left-handed gloves

  15. Hi Jim! It is almost buffalo poo time again. Ted is going to try to find some for me :)

  16. Hi Gloria

    I did spanish at school - I found it a hard language to grasp and never got far with my studies.

    Thanks for the award - I'm in the middle of changing all the decor of my blog so your award comes just as I'm about to publish the new layout.

  17. Hello!

    Thank you so much for the award. You just made my day :-)

    I hope you enjoyed your time in CA, my native state. I speak Spanish, but not as well as I used to since I don't work with a landscaping crew anymore.

    I cannot wait to see your spring garden blooming :-)


  18. Hello Gloria, thank you very much for the recognition. Visiting and commenting on my posts are wonderful enough, much more heartwarming if recognized. I also speak Spanish! Do you know that Spanish was in the curriculum here sometime ago. I have a few units in high school and college. Hablo Español, pero un poco. If you will ask me to speak that little i know "tengo hambre" y "no tengo dinero", haha. A Spanish friend said 'I will survive knowing those terms. God bless.

  19. Hey Gloria - always a treat to read your blog :-)
    Great picture with the guys!