Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birds Love Our Pond

This month’s Garden West Magazine (May) featured two of my pictures of birds coming to our pond. Everyday birds come to the pond to bathe. I am so glad we can see the pond from the kitchen table.  The trick is getting pictures.  But, I do.
Every year Cedar Waxwings visit our neighborhood. I usually hear their chorus of chirping before I see them. They love to flock to the junipers.  A few mornings ago they came to the pond.  I quietly raised the window a few inches and crouched on the floor and caught a few pictures of these fun birds.  The slightest sound will cause them all to go flying.  Assured that I had some good pictures, I turned the camera off.  That bit of a click was enough to send them flying.
They like being so close and together.

Every year the Black Birds come and I think have their young around here. They leave during the summer and just before winter they again gather and go to wherever they go.
This end of the pond is shallow. I have placed  a stone that is barely under the water. The birds take turns splashing on that stone.


  1. Oh you are having such fun! We are almost finished with another water feature for our yard. Love watching the birds!

  2. Don't you love the birds that having a pond attracts. I know we see different types that are really just attracted to the sound of water. I'd love if Cedar Waxwings would find ours. I put a rock in our pond too for the birds, the funniest is when the little birds bathe inside the water plant pots in the pond.

  3. What a beautiful sight, those sweet birds!

  4. Gloria, these are delightful photos. I especially love the first one of the Cedar Waxwings, looking like they're contemplating sticking a toe in. -Jean

  5. How great to see the birds at the pond. We only have room for a patio fountain, but the birds actually come to it to get a drink even though we have several birdbaths.


  6. Those are such cool photos, Gloria! You captured some real magic. :)