Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Giant Lilac Guards The Gate

When we moved into our eighty-some year old house, it came with this giant lilac. Lilacs in full bloom are said to signal the earliest time to plant warm weather crops.  But, I’ve noticed that it usually still a bit wet or chilly to plant tomatoes without good protection. This huge fragrant lilac guards the gate into our garden.
It looks huge from this angle. Let’s take a walk through the gate to the back garden.
I dry stacked some pink flagstones into a little wall.
I love the way the lilac arches over the arbor.

Open the gate and peek in.
This side yard is on the south side of the house. I grow will be planting tomatoes in the raised beds.  Let’s open the next gate and take a peek into the back yard
Spring is just starting….some areas in the Black Hills had snow last week.


  1. Snow! What's that? Gloria, your garden looks so lush and green. I have a lilac like yours that peeks over my fence from the neighbor's yard. It is a treat when it blooms.


  2. Hi Gloria, I haven't visited for a while, the garden is looking lovely. cheers, catmint

  3. That lilac is beyond big and oh so cool looking. Your yard looks wonderful. jim

  4. Your garden doesn't seem to be suffering from the cold at all. That lilac is dazzling! I know what you mean about lilacs blooming not really heralding summer crop planting weather though. When my neighbor's lilacs were blooming it was still 37 degrees outside in the early mornings! My tomatoes would NOT have been amused if I'd planted them out then ;)