Monday, October 10, 2011

A Beautiful Fall Garden

Here it is the 10th of October and we have not yet had a “killing frost”.  Before the winter sleep strikes, take a little peek of the back garden.
This the view from my back step.
A peek from the middle. 
This little garden is just outside our kitchen window. The following picture shows a close-up of this spot.
I think this is Pink Beauty Ajuga with an unknown succulent – so pretty!

The side arbor is 7 feet high. Big Boy Tomato rises at least a foot higher. The two windows in the picture our over the kitchen sink. All summer Ted watched this tomato.  I officially gave it to him,along with the responsibility to keep it trained. 
These little Alberta Spruces need to be taken out of the pots and sunk into soil. Next spring I should be able to repot them.
Silver lace vine blooms in the fall. This is our view from the side gate.  How many more days will we enjoy a frost free fall.  I hope many. Our usual frost date is mid to late September.  Enjoy fall.


  1. Everything looks so good, no much like fall. I know you get colder than we do, but we have tons of color and leaf fall already.


  2. Like you I'm hoping for a few more frost free days in fall. Hopefully both of our tomatoes will fully ripen before Jack Frost rears his head. I love your silver lace vine. I grew one once, in a fairly shaded garden. Not much would grow, and I'd read it could be quite aggressive. I hoped for any growth, and it actually did fairly well, enough to cover that section of fence, but didn't bloom as much as yours due to the lack of sun.

  3. Hi, Gloria!
    This is kind of last minute notice but... I'll be in your neck of the woods next Wednesday, the 19th. I'm doing a photo tour of the Wild Mustang Sanctuary near you. Possible to get together for a cup of coffee? Would love to see you...

  4. Yes Kate!!! sounds great - I am sending you an email - G

  5. Gloria, It's looking beautiful. Isn't a thrill when frost comes late and you get those precious extra weeks to enjoy the garden? What is the upright plant with the yellow foliage just to the left of the arbor in your top two photos? (maybe Platycodon?) I really like the way it looks there. -Jean

  6. Hi Jean - I think tonight might be the freeze. I hauled in my potted house plants and Ted picked tomatoes. Those yellowish plants are the stems of some colorful lillies. I like the way they give some highth to the area. Happy Fall -

  7. Jeg kom lige forbi din blog.
    Gode billeder.
    Hvor har du en smuk have.
    Tak for kigget.