Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Scent of a Flower Stays on the Hands of the Sender or Kate Who Came to Dinner

Kate must have the most fragrant hands.  Today, on the very first day that fall is giving way to winter, I received this beautiful bouquet of scent. A few days back Kate visited our garden and wrote about the visit in her blog, High Altitude Gardening.
I tore into this box from White Flower Farms, thrilled to find the most fragrant Lavender
Kate not only picked a beautiful fragrant plant, but she matched it to my kitchen.
See, it is perfect in its new spot.  Years ago, Ted extended the width of this window sill so that I could place plants on it.
Kate wrote about having dinner with us. We ate on this huge beet. Hence, her post: “Big Beet Night at the Bondes"
So today, the snow started. Yesterday was 72 degrees. Wow, the soil is too warm for the snow to stick.  It’s 32 degrees and Ted says “We could put on our long-johns, coats, hats and gloves and go for a walk.”  I said, “nah, I’ll just take a picture from the kitchen window.” 


  1. Yay! It fits in beautifully on your window! I'm so glad you like it. Enjoy! :)))

  2. ...and a lovely picture it is. It seems there's no denying that winter is setting in, and we're expecting our first frost tomorrow. I enjoyed reading the post at Kate's blog the other day. The lavender, and especially the pot look perfect on your kitchen sill. Kate has good taste.

  3. Gloria,

    I am a lover of beets, grew up on them. No one else in my family likes them unless they are pickled.

    The Cinco De Mayo Rose is zone 5 and up but you might want to take a chance on it, mound it up for the winter and plant it a little deeper.

    Tom Carruth was the hybridizer the same person who developed Home Run which I am trialing in my garden this year. Cinco won the rose award inn 2009.


  4. Hi Kate - I really do love your gift. You didn't have to, having you visit was a gift -

  5. Hi Clare - Kate's post was so funny! Keep warm -

  6. Hi Eileen, I'm with you - I love beets. This one was so big, four of us ate on it and then 3 of us had leftovers from this same beet! Thanks for the info on Cinco De Mayo Rose - I love the deep almost burnt red color. I might be able to grow it.

  7. I've read Kate's yesterday, and I also like your ceramic pots on that window sill. How sweet of Ted to expand that. We are also having cooler temps too, courtesy of the spillover winds from Mongolia and Siberia. But of course we don't get any frost at all.

  8. Gloria, you are right, it is a great addition to your kitchen!

  9. I was thinking about you, wondering if you had snow yet. I think your shelf with the lavender looks terrific. I have often wish my kitchen window sill was wider to accommodate plants. Now I must check out Kate's post!

  10. Hi Gloria,
    I enjoyed seeing the photos inside your house, including the one of you. I love your kitchen! That plant was a nice gift. How cool you got to meet a blogger in person!

    I'm glad your snow didn't stick. We have had snow on the ground at the time of year in other seasons, but I never feel ready for it.

    Have a nice Thanksgiving.