Monday, November 21, 2011

Where did theses Huge Round Rocks Come From?

In Craven Canyon we found huge indentations on the tall canyon walls.
The tall canyon walls are made of sandstone – Here is another scoop in the wall

This one was very deep and closer to the ground.
This was a few feet away from the wall. Round as can be. Here is another one
This one has sat here many, many years. It looks like a "planet" in the skies of pine needles. It reminds me of bringing up "google earth" on the internet. I love it when the earth "expands". These big round stones are sometimes found around the Black Hills. They are known, as a knowledgeable friend tells me, as concretions.  I found this webpage that shows examples of huge (some bigger than a person) and small concretions. For more Wordless Wednesday Post visit this site


  1. If those indentations were in a southwest canyon, they might be from flash floods eating away soft spots in the walls.

  2. Wow Stan, that is interesting. Water is very powerful! Thanks!

  3. Thoughtful/interesting posts ... we live in a amazing/beautiful world of wonder! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  4. Hi Joey, thank you. You are so right our world is beautiful.

  5. Hi Gloria, hope you are keeping well. These are interesting structures indeed. I would say there is a very good chance that they are concretions as concretions form from sedimentary rocks like sandstone and are often ovoid or spherical in shape but come in more irregular shapes as well.
    I would think that Stan is probably right about the indentations, most likely sculpted by water at some stage. (at least the second picture looks like it was, I'm not as sure about the first picture, as it looks a little rough for erosion)
    Have you seen the giant red concretions occurring in Theodore Roosevelt National Park,up in North Dakota, apparently they are almost 3 m (10 ft) in diameter.

  6. Wow, what fantastic pics! I've never been there so thank you very much for sharing.

  7. Hi Sunny, thanks for visiting all the way from Ireland! What a world! I think you are right about the top indentation. Especially since the round hard concretions were not far from the wall. I have a couple smaller concretions in my garden. They are in lots of gardens.

  8. Hi Kaye, thanks for the visit. I just visited your very informative blog - thanks

  9. Hi Gloria, I had never heard of concretions before, or at least i didn't know the name of them. As a rock lover, I am fascinated by these. Thanks for the link; I enjoyed it and learned some new things!