Sunday, December 4, 2011

How To Eat With IgG Food Sensitivities

Last week we talked about the 37 foods I am avoiding. So what do I eat? At times I have felt like a traveler to another country, learning new ways of eating. I’ve learned a few lessons to avoid developing new sensitivities.
1.  True food allergies are usually easier to identify. With a true food allergy you react in a short period of time, each time you eat the offending food and usually you know which food is the offender.
2. Food sensitivities are very hard to diagnose. The symptoms can show up hours or even a couple of days later. It is very hard to pinpoint the food. And with several sensitivities to several foods it is almost impossible to pinpoint the foods.  A blood test is the way to go!  Without the blood test, I don’t think I would have discipline myself to avoid the reactive foods.
3. If you quit eating offending foods for 90 days, IgG antibodies to offending foods will hopefully disappear. The problem foods can then be added one every 4 days.  If no reactions occur, another food can be added. Oh happy day!
4. The allergy-prone should not eat from the same food family day after day. Rotating foods, leaving 3 days in between all foods, should prevent the creation of food sensitivities.
5. I used to add as many ingredients to a food as possible. For instance, bread would be multi-grain with added nuts and seeds.  Trail mix would have as many nuts and fruits as I had available. Eating for reducing food sensitivities requires you to limit your daily variety and “save” them for another day.  Guess what! Food tastes better. Each ingredient is savored for itself.
6. You can eat a food within a 24 hour period.  So what you make for an evening meal, can be served for the next days lunch.
7. Sounds like a lot of work?  The results are worth the effort: Reduction of inflammation along with allergy symptoms and I’ve lost over 10 pounds. Today a friend gave me a size 6 skirt. It fits great.  Next posts will be allergy-free recipes. Where there is a will there is a way.
So what do I eat?  Before testing, most of my meals were mostly vegetarian.  Most of my reactive foods are vegetable based, except for cow’s milk, cheese and eggs.  So I can eat on a 4 day rotation:  beef, chicken, turkey, fish, pork and several fruits, vegetables and most nuts and a very few spices.  Go figure, one girls good food is another girls problem food.

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