Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spring is Purple

Early spring welcomes carpets of purple! I love growing plants that hug the soil with their  tiny green leaves, but in the spring they bloom and invite me to walk among them and bend low to see their tiny flowers.
spring 08 -2
See the tiny little “umbrellas”?
Tiny little umbrellas
No spring is not all purple….but colors of joy
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  1. Yes they are so very beautiful in your gardens. I remember that on my first travel abroad was to Australia and the spring flowers on the roadsides are small purple flowers, and the scene still lingers in my mind. It is also amazing that in Dec you have your spring while in others they are starting winter, in Australia it is start of summer, and here in the Philippines we are just having a small drop in temperature, which otherwise is a yearlong summer! Haha, happy gardening.

  2. Hi Andrea, thank you for being the first commenter! Actually we are in winter, but I am dreaming of warm spring! This is how my garden looks in May!

  3. A beautiful carpet of blues under your arbor Gloria. Almost makes me forget that winter is nearly upon us!

  4. Season’s Greeting, Gloria.

    I’m writing this from the northern hemisphere where we’re just entering the cold winter season. Isn’t that strange but wonderful? Anyway, I love what you've done in your garden!

    Purple happens to be my favorite color and I always make it a point to incorporate as many blooms of purple into my outdoor and indoor gardens.

    As a matter of fact, I am at the moment reading “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker. Of course, I’ve seen the movie with Whoopi Goldberg many years ago but have never gotten around to reading the book until now. After all, gardening in the winter months is at a loll which gives me more time to partake in other activities such as reading.

  5. Wow, spring comes earlier than I thought to the Dakotas. I may have to move, we just got 14 inches overnight of snow. No tulips, nor anything springlike here.

    Christine in Alaska, stuck in a white winter

  6. Hi Christine, no spring comes early in Blogosphere! and my dreams! Though we here in the South Dakota banana belt are having warmer temperatures than usual....but yes, you may just have to move here. :)