Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Early Spring Projects

In early March it was warm enough to go out and do garden projects.  It was a bit too early to dig in the dirt but perfect weather to give the white arbors a touch of paint.  I love to recycle and get a certain satisfaction in re-using something and “making do”.  But as I got into the meditative rhythm of painting I realized that my porch furniture of make-do items was just not making do. So what did I want did I want my porch furniture to do, other than comfortable sitting?  I wanted to be able to, besides sit, go out on my fairly secluded porch and be able to lay down and read or take a nap in the cool of the afternoon.   So I sought out porch furniture styles.  Eventually I settled on a futon with an indoor/outdoor furniture cover. I found a great selection of slipcovers online.  Then I brought down a rocking chair and repainted and made cushion covers for my other rocking chair.  After setting up the futon, I asked Ted to check it out!  He did and has been caught a couple times taking a well-deserved nap.  He laughs because, a couple of times after lunch, he has laid down to take a nap and the new postal carrier lady has come up on the porch to bring the mail. She is going to think that is all he does!
Just a few more weeks and I will bring out the  plants.
So comfy! How blessed I am to have a husband who goes along with my many changing projects.
Another project has been painting of the back yard benches. From our kitchen table we can see the back garden. I decided to paint the benches to match the berry color of the dogwood.
You can see the berry colored benches. This garden also has berry colored plants. Our last date of frost is May 15th…so we have awhile to wait.


  1. A lovely makeover Gloria. I seem not to have seen your post in my reader! I wish to have the temperatures you have there now, as it is really lovely to sit, read, nap, have tea or coffee while looking at the garden. At the moment we are almost at the height of our dry season, 34-35C and mounting, so with high humidity it is very difficult to stay outdoors! Ted looks so contented and happy in that pose, and am sure he is!

  2. Looks great! Your husband does look happy and cozy out there too !

  3. Gloria - so good to see your 'makeover' post! Your porch is fabulous, and I think the photo of your husband is absolutely charming. The berry color on your benches is lovely, and very in tune with the garden surroundings! Like you, I have been waiting (a bit impatiently) to plant ... our 'safe date' is "Mother's Day" (around May 8th).