Sunday, June 24, 2012

Garden Color Combinations - Blue and Yellow

We probably have all read and maybe even tried to color coordinate our flower gardens.  Have you ever noticed how white flowers glow in the evening light?  I consciously try to plant white scented flowers near areas where we tend to sit in the evening.  A few mornings ago I wandered through the garden and noticed the beauty of color combinations.
A couple of years ago I planted Convolvulus and forgot about it. This plant looks like a miniature non-vining morning glory.  Natures blue and yellow
Again blue and yellow – Veronica and lily
Lorraine Sunshine with it’s bluish veins has yellow flowers. Bluish Moonglow Juniper in the background

I love my junipers – This one is a bluish skyrocket.
Blue and yellow Fleabane Daisy –Erigeron.  I think all colors in the garden are complementary.  Green ties them all together.  I think the only combination that doesn’t work is shriveled brown, unless it is in the compost pile.
What is this bug?  I’ve seen a few in the garden.  I think it probably is a good bug.


  1. You are right, nature does put a lot of blue and yellow together. Actually, yellow is the center of many colors of flowers. I guess we all need some yellow in the garden.


  2. Gloria, Blue and yellow is my favorite color combination. Right now, blue is much more dominant in my garden -- but I have lots of yellow daylilies about to join the party. I could almost smell the wonderful scents of your roses. They also look beautiful! -Jean

  3. I believe Eileen above, even the reds and orange in the hot tropics like ours have yellows at the center. Can anybody explain to me why most of the dark violets and blues are in the temperate climes but not in the tropics? I wonder what happens to the carotenoids of plants because of temperatures!

  4. Hi Eileen - so true. Have you ever noticed how in the evening light the yellow seems to glow?

  5. Andrea - that is an interesting question. I wonder if insects see more yellow? In our area the hot reds seem rarer than the blue and yellows.

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