Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What is a Weed?

Do you ever meditate as you walk around your garden?  I do.  Often this spring and summer my early morning thoughts have been about weeds.  It’s not that my garden has patches of weeds.  I regularly “patrol” the garden and pull any weeds I see.  The problem is that some flowers to me are weeds.  I have apple mint that is a weed.  I also have chocolate mint, now that is not a weed.  What is the difference?  I can pull fragrant chocolate mint with one hand while I hold a hot cup of coffee in the other hand.  One of my definitions of a weed is a plant that easily self-sows or spreads and needs to be removed by a tool. A  friend gave me apple mint. It's thick roots crawl under and up rocks. In my garden it is controlled to a very small area.  Another friend gave me this plant…now this is a pain.
IMG_3324 I was told it is a wild petunia. It is a very small plant, a hard to remove weed. The flower is short-lived and pale.
This is what this weed does.  It grows too close to other plants.
I love living groundcovers. They can be choked by weeds.   Find the weed in this patch….remember the definition.  The lettuce is easily pulled…but I see a dandelion.  It will take a tool…or if the soil is moist and I can grab each leaf together, I might be able to pull it out.  But it will take both hands.
Another weed-patrolling, right-handed coffee drinking morning!

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