Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Time to Plan a Simpler Garden

Fall is the perfect time to make garden changes.  When I first started to garden the goal was to make a garden that shouted with blooms and cheer.  After a few seasons I realized that the blooming spring and summer front garden needed deadheading in the summer, a chore I found hot and tiresome. The cleaned up debris would fill a pickup and more!  So, for the last few years I have been adding more flowering ground covers and plants with colorful leaves and removing the plants that required the most deadheading.  Fall is the perfect time to make these changes.
May Night Salvia, Echinacea and some Russian Sage are a bit too rambunctious.  I have removed some of the sages and greatly thinned out the Echinacea.  I’ll probably add some low growing asters.  Asters bloom in the fall and can be cleaned up in the spring.  I also removed the tall Coronation Gold yarrow preferring the low growing, fernly-looking yarrows.  I also love Dianthus (pinks).  In my earlier garden days I added some garlic to repel deer.  The garlic has self-sowed.  Garlic looks weedy and is smelly.  I’d rather have lovely scented clove pinks to repel the deer.  And, I love snapdragons!
Low growing lavenders self-sow and fossil plant (Tanecetum densum) grows large enough to be divided and moved to other locations.
This is what I like to see…my front boulevard garden is growing a carpet-like cover.  Sedums, ground hugging thymes and veronicas.
Lavender and more ground covers along with spring alliums and echinacea.
But now the leaves have almost all fallen.  Leaf raking and mulching is almost all done for this season.  So, so many leaves! We have 2 very old and very large elm trees.  Many leaves have been mulched back into beds and put into compost piles.  Gardening is exercise!  But changing plants and design is a pleasure. 

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