Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gardeners are Creative–Crochet

It’s been years since I've crocheted something.  My mother taught me how to make a few stiches when I was a little girl…then later I taught myself how to read a pattern enough so that I could make one cotton thread doily.  Years ago I made 2 baby blankets.  They were made single crochet in 12” blocks.  I made a pattern for each square and counted stitches to make the pictures.  I finished the blanket as we drove to Nebraska, where I was presenting the blankie to the new mom.  I had Ted stop along the road and walked into the harvested corn field and had Ted snap a picture.  There’s a tree, cow, heart and house.
crochet in field
Before that I had made another blanket for another baby.
baby blanket
This picture I took on our dining room table.  Again, it is single crochet and worked up by my homemade sketch.  It was a matter of changing the color of yarn to create the picture.  Now, again I have this urge to crochet.  So I picked up at our local library the book Crocheting for Dummies and taught myself to read a pattern.  It is not hard.  Here is what I have done in just a few relaxing minutes.  Flowers….I want to make a neck wrap by attaching flowers.  I was inspired by a pin I pinned on my Style Pinterest board.  I've just discovered Pinterest and am not quite sure how it all works….but I think it is about gathering and sharing a few of our favorite things.  I found Pinterest quite my accident when one day I found several of my blog pictures pinned onto other peoples boards.  I’m glad you like them….Go for it!  I don’t know how to transfer those pins, so if you would like, you can re-pin on my new board.
The idea is to make different flowers.  I think I will also use some gathered-into-a-flower bits of vintage doilies for a neck wrap.   The theme is all about flowers.

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