Friday, May 24, 2013

A Walk To The Red Butte Quarry House and Ride Through Wind Cave Park

We live about 10 miles away from Wind Cave National Park.  Last week we took a drive through the park.  Buffalo are everywhere. They are dangerous. This picture was taken from the car.  Amazing aren’t they!
Ted’s favorite “secret” fishing stream
We recently visited Salt Lake City and took an extra day to visit The Red Butte Garden.  We found a trail that led to an old quarry house.  Not knowing any better, we took the trail that went up and up…
About here Ted asks “Do you still want to try to find the quarry house. Of course I say…at this point the curiosity would drive me crazy!”
This is the house!  It was not as far as it seemed.
Yup, we made it!  The walk down was easier! It was a beautiful day!

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