Monday, May 27, 2013

How Quick the Garden Grows–See Verbascums

Everyday the garden changes.  I said to Ted that if we lived in a milder climate I imagine the garden cleanup would be less.  As it is we spend  most of 5 cold months unable to garden.  When the soil finally thaws I have lots of clean up in preparation for the gardening season.  Plus, this is the time to move plants and make changes.  In the past I have shown such a tiny portion of the pictures I take.  Most pictures that I do not show have hoses, shovels, wheel barrows and what not in the background.  But this year I decided to let you see how things look on their way to “picture perfect”
Today was cool and lovely. A great day to work in the garden
Years ago I started Verbascums indoors.  To my delight they reseed.  They like to grow in between cracks.
They have leather-like leaves.
In front of one of my deep vegetable beds
I was surprised to see one in white.
I have collected rocks at the base of a very large elm tree.  The clove currant was probably sowed by a bird and is growing as often in nature at the base of a tree.
Last week I mentioned to Ted that I wish I had bought my window boxes in a brighter color instead of the loden green.  His immediate comment was that I should buy what I wanted.  What a concept!  I immediately went online and ordered 3 window boxes from Gardeners Supply.  Ted suggested we match some of the window trim with the color of the window boxes….Who is this man and what happened to my Ted!  Today he painted the window trim.
Check it out! I think the hummingbirds will love it. Tomorrow I hope to plant the boxes. This is a job in progress.

The garden is growing.

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