Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring has finally Sprung

What an odd year.  Spring has arrived almost a whole month later than usual.  Right now the crab trees are blooming.  The lilac is finally blooming.  The scent  between the clove currant bush and lilac is almost intoxicating!
The two paver-lined bed are used for vegetable growing.  This year I hope to plant melons.
Clove currants are native. The fragrance is amazing! Later it produces purple edible currants.

Early spring is the time to re-do garden beds.  Here I am removing all traces of May Night Salvia from the front garden.  My goal is to have low growing flowering ground covers that do not require mid-summer deadheading.  This is a hot full sun area.
How’s this for lawn alternatives! And, it is just starting!
As soon as Ted and I could get out this spring we worked on the addition of this fence.  This is Ted’s 32nd Wedding Anniversary present to me...  Note the plastic plant coasters floating in the garden.  They act as water cover until the waterlily covers the surface of the water.  This reduces the growth of green algae.
This was a big job!  I dug out the rest of the right-side garden.  This vegetable bed will have tomatoes.  I removed the rocks and replaced them with pavers.  Rocks have crevices where plant-eating pill bugs and slugs can hide.  The pavers lay tighter together.  Tuck soil tightly next to rocks to eliminate hiding places.
I love the little details.  This sedum is planted in a broken pot. Sedums need drainage.

More groundcovers
Bleeding hearts…trees in pots
The flower of this variegated iris smells like purple grape soda.

The first Verbascum to bloom.  I love this flower!
Spring is starting!


  1. I am trying to use more groundcovers also, helps keep the soil in place and cuts down on weeds and mulch.


  2. Hi Eileen - Yes, ground covers are amazing. I tire of deadheading plants especially those that are in full sun. It's amazing how a couple of tiny plants can be divided and grow and grow. Happy spring!

  3. It looks as though your garden is about at the same stage of development as mine in Maine. After a week of rain, the sun finally came out today, and it felt good to finally get out and work in the garden -- weeding, some pruning, moving a few plants around, and mowing knee-high grass. -Jean

  4. Hi Jean - so true! I planted some tomatoes and covered them with wall-o-waters and other protection. Good thing I did we just got a hail storm! But at least it is not a tornado!