Sunday, June 23, 2013

Beautiful, Beautiful Roses

I always look forward to the third week in June.  It is when most of the roses bloom in chorus!  A couple of years ago I started adding good bacteria to my roses and the improvement is striking! 
Reine de Victoria, the climber on the left is a favorite antique reblooming rose.
The darker pink rose is Zephrine Droulin a fragrant bourbon rose that is thornless and is tolerates some shade.
William Baffin is a tall climber
Madame Hardy with a green eye and slightly lemony fragrance
Reine de Violettes rose is a rebloomer is lovely and fragrant.  This rose in particular was getting weak and look at it now!
More, and more,
I think the single petal Sally Holmes is beautiful.  I have about 40 rose bushes.  I’ll show more later!


  1. This is very timely for me. I just went to an informative program on growing roses in cold climates and am thinking of adding some when I create a new front garden in the next few years. You are in a slightly colder zone than I am , so I should be able to grow anything you can. Do you have to do anything special to protect the roses through the winter? -Jean

  2. Hi Jean...when I started the garden I put something like 20 rose bushes in front. The problem is deer love many roses. I left William Baffin and Carefree Delight in the front and they do well. I don't do anything to winter protect them. They are tough. Roses like to grow in deep soil...and the garden bacteria I think is making them fantastic. I love, love, love the re-blooming, scented David Austin Roses. I'm sure there are lots of new amazing roses. I have ran out of space so I have not studied what is new. Happy digging and planting.