Saturday, June 8, 2013

What’s Blooming Today and the Yellow and Orange Bird is a:

The garden is blooming.  Here are some favorites:
Dictamnus (Gas Plant) grows in the  front yard.  Each year it grows taller and lately it has been gently reseeding itself.  It  has a lemony fragrance and repels deer.
In January I started pansies by seed.  They grew easily but slowly.

Shell-Leaf Penstemon is a wildflower perennial. After blooming I cut it down to it’s base.  The leaves are a gray-green.

They are beautiful.
Dianthus, Clove Pinks have a beautiful scent.  I want more of these. 
In a previous post I showed a picture of this bird and asked if anyone could identify this beautiful bird.  Grandson Eric called and shared with me that a bird expert friend identified it as a Western Tanager.  I think I saw two different birds in the garden.  I took this picture through my kitchen window.  Hopefully I can get more pictures of this beautiful bird.

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