Monday, July 22, 2013

Beautiful Summer Garden

A spring garden is probably the easiest to achieve.  You have rain and cooler temperatures.  Come summer, heat, hail and dry weather can make summer gardens a bit of a challenge.  The trick is picking the right plants for the right place.  That usually involves some “trowel and error”.  Visiting local gardens and garden tours can help you make note of what is blooming now.  I am always a bit amused that what is blooming at the time becomes the favorite flower.  Here are some of my favorites:
I have learned to use drought tolerate plants in harder to reach areas.  Daylilies have thick fat roots that take some drought.
There are some seriously beautiful daylily varieties.
Yarrows, primroses, alliums
The front boulevard gardens are thick with ground-covering  beauty. 
Pink Carefree Delight rose really is carefree.
Then there are junipers…I love them.  This is the back yard
Blues and yellows!  Lorraine Sunshine with Moonglow Juniper

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  1. Yes, you sure do have some beauties! I don't seem to have any larkspur in the front yard, but there are plenty in the vegetable garden. Do yours go dormant later in the season? Mine do, but there some that have hung on longer than usual this summer.