Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Garden Now

What an amazing early season!  This year we have roses, iris, honeysuckles blooming together with the mock oranges. The roses are early, they usually bloom in the second or third week of june.  The scent is amazing.  Just a little while ago the UPS driver commented on how fragrant the front garden is as he walked up the walk to deliver a package. He said “this is amazing, you should charge your neighbors for this scent”.
As we enter the back garden
This afternoon the UPS man walked up this walk
From the back yard. The gate to the side yard that leads to the front. William Baffin Rose
Madame Isaac Pierre has often been called one of the most fragrant of the old roses
Reine de Violettes is also know for fragrance and it reblooms
I love the fragrance and flower of old roses….The scent of the garden in the morning feels like vacation.


  1. I agree. Right now my lilacs and roses are blooming and it is heavenly sitting on the porch. I am going to look up your roses and see if they can grow in my zone 3. They are beautiful. I have the William Baffin and it does great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gloria, your garden has really popped, just beautiful! I also love the fragrance of the old roses, not too many left now and not always as hardy as many of the new shrub roses.


  3. I so love following your posts and watching the progress in your garden. I'm not blogging but our backyard is starting to take shape. You'll have to look at it on facebook!

  4. Goodness, your garden is bursting to the brim with blooms! I bet your UPS man smiles when he walks toward your door. I think mine snickers and rolls his eyes a lot these days, as things are in a little disarray while we rework a few things out front ;)

  5. It's so nice to see your roses after mine are basically finished for awhile. I love 'Madame Isaac Periere' and I once grew 'Reine des Violettes.' I had trouble with blackspot on the queen, but Madame Isaac is here 20 years later. I felt the same way about the scent in spring. It was amazing. Now, the garden smells like daylilies.~~Dee

  6. I loved your garden so much even the fragrance of this flower, I can also feel but what I can't see any furniture decoration for your garden where you get together and enjoy the garden. I have a flower garden but there I got some white garden furniture which really makes my garden more beautiful. Anyway, Thanks for sharing this.